I Spy an Eye Stye…

Anyone else get this problem? I mean it doesn’t happen often, but it’s so annoying when they do pop up on your eyelids. And I mean, they are not painless. Probably not a 10 out of 10 type of pain, but still annoying. So I started to look up remedies online. I tried two methods on different nights and would like to share my results!

Green Tea Bag Method

Make green tea as you usually would – heat up a cup of water, put the tea bag in the water. Then wash your hands and your face and make sure all your make up is off. Depending on how long this takes, the tea bag may not be scorching hot anymore, so take the tea bag out with clean hands and lightly squeeze excess water from the bag. Lightly press on affected eye.

I read that you can lie down and wait 5-10 minutes. But I found my the tea bag to lose its warmth within less than a minute. So I kinda just stood by the sink, and once the tea bag lost its heat, I re-dipped into the warm tea, squeezed and repeated the process for about 5 minutes. 10 minutes for me is an eternity! Here’s my before and after photos.

Left photo: Before; bottom lid swelling
Right Photo: After; bottom lid swelling lessened significantly

Warm Compress

The next day, my stye was still there (although smaller) and sadly, another one popped up on my top lid. Booooo! So warm compress it is.

I washed my hands and face first. Then took a clean towel and ran hot water from my sink. Fair warning, our water runs really hot, so once I soaked the edge of the towel under the hot water and gently squeezed the excess water out, I waited several seconds before gently holding it to my eyes.

It seemed to hold the warmth better than the tea bag (I mean duh, it’s bigger than the tea bag, so should be expected I guess).


Once it lost its warmth, I repeated the cycle for about 5 minutes. Here’s my before and after photos.

Left photo: before; slight swelling in bottom lid and separation of lashes top lid due to swelling
Right photo: after; bottom lid swelling almost gone, no separation of lashes in top lid

My Own Conclusion =)

Ok, so I’m not sure if you can really see it in the pictures, but both methods did decrease the stye size after 5 minutes. However, I think that the hot compress worked much better for me. The stye on my top lid was completely gone after the 5 minutes and the one on the lower lid was also smaller and less painful. Next time this happens to me, I’m definitely going for that warm compress.


Because this is such an annoying thing to happen, words of advice. Clean your make up brushes thoroughly. I don’t know if that was the reason I got my styes, but I know that these brushes are what comes in close contact with my eyes, so I feel like they could’ve been the culprits when it came to my eyes.

Anyway, hope this was sort of helpful!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day!