Finding My Niche

Since I decided to start writing blogs again, I’ve been having major writer’s block. My friends can attest that I can pretty much talk their ears off, so having nothing to write feels a little defeating to me. Then I realized it was because I was trying to figure out what others would be interested in reading instead of what I was interested in writing.

As I said in one of my previous posts, I hope that this blog will entertain, as well as be informative about a variety of topics that I’m interested in – parenthood, make up,  fitness, food, and any other things I can think of. I’ve been looking for a niche, but really, I feel like my niche is just talking about life. My life as a parent, my love of make up, my struggle to be fit while being a working mom and loving food – the struggle is real people! I also would like to talk about products that make my life simpler and more efficient for me as a mom – hence my website name!

Lastly, life as a mom of 2 energetic toddlers is chaotic, and messy and it takes all my effort to physically organize my house. If I can organize my brain and think about focusing on a niche later on, woot! If not, then it will just be a better representation of what my life is like now ;-). So thanks again for staying tuned! And welcome to my life!