6 Things To Focus on Every Year (Birthday Resolutions)

I know lots of people do New Year’s resolutions. I do too! However, for some reason, I also have been pretty big on birthday resolutions. I think every year, there are 5 things that I always want to focus on. I’ve never written them down though. So I thought that maybe if I write them down, I can at least keep myself accountable and maybe improve upon it every year.

Last week, I turned 36 years old. Not necessarily such an important number to remember. But that is how old I turned. So there you go.  My husband asked me jokingly “How does it feel to be 36?” My answer was “feels like 35.” Ha…I don’t really feel “old” per say… I still feel very young because I know there are so many things I still need to learn. At what age do people usually feel “wiser”?

Anyway… again I digress…

Every year, I feel like I can improve on the things I list below. So every year, I would like to make them my birthday resolutions in no particular order!


1) Cherish Family Time

Sometimes, life can be so busy that it’s hard to enjoy family time. A lot of times, my husband and I wait for 6:45pm to happen so we can start the kids bedtime routine. Before that, we go through the motions of picking them up and feeding them and then watching them play while we wait for the clock to get to 6:45pm.

There are seldom days where we actually play with them during the weekdays because we are both just so tired. So this year (and every year), my resolution is to make it a point to play with them without distraction while they still want my attention and affection.

The same statement goes for other family members… and friends. I have a friend whom I admire because she actually makes it a point to make sure she hangs out with old friends. Sometimes I am so tired, I just want to veg out at home. And that’s perfectly ok! But continuing to build relationships with loved ones is also important.

2) More Time With the Spouse

It’s so easy to neglect each other after a loooooonngggg day. After we put the kids down to sleep, I either sit and blog or sit and watch tv while Andrew continues working the rest of the night or go play basketball (his first love ;-)). Sometimes when we drive to work together, we both either haven’t gotten enough sleep or are worried about the rest of the day – it’s hard to just spend time and talk to each other.

So this year, my resolution will be to make it my mission to get to know the hubs again. Yes, we have lived together for such a long time, shouldn’t we already know each other like the back of our hands? People change. So I want to keep getting to know Andrew as he changes and I want him to keep getting to know me as I change. This way, when the kiddos grow up and fly the coop, we may still know each other =).

3) Get Fit/Healthy

Exercise: Every year, I tell myself I’m going to exercise. I do try and then I get into a slump and it’s hard for me to get out of it. This past year, I realized I could do more than I thought I could (with proper motivation). I’m proud to say I was probably at my healthiest after high school.

I did fall into another slump a month ago though. Injuries and then getting sick made me feel lazy and not motivated to do things myself. Going to Orange Theory helped because it helped to have other people there doing the same exact thing you’re doing so it helps you to keep going. But my resolution this year is to exercise 3-4 times a week. Doesn’t have to be hardcore all the time. But just to keep it moving!

Eat Healthy: I ate tons of junk food during the month of May. I think when I am in a funk, I like to turn to junk food. They just taste sooooooo good! I guess I’ll have to curve those cravings. My resolution is to make sure that I don’t over indulge. No, I don’t have to eat the whole bag of cheese puffs at one time… who? me?… moving on..

Sleep: This is something I struggle with all the time. I sometimes choose “me time” over sleeping because I feel like I barely get any privacy during the day. But I know that sleep is also important, so my resolution this year is to find a happy medium between the two.

4) De-clutter The House

I don’t know about you… but I feel like I can get rid of 50% of the stuff we have in our house. There’s just so much clutter and I think we can make do with less clutter in the house. So I think this year, my resolution is to slowly start to either donate, sell, or throw away some of the things that we don’t need anymore.

5) More Time with God

If I’m going to spend time trying to get physically fit, I feel like I also need to spend time to get fit mentally/spiritually. This is probably the most important thing on this list for me. I know in my heart and mind that I am more at peace when I have a good relationship with God – as in reading my bible, praying, doing devotions regularly. This could be during good times and/or bad times.

I struggle with keeping this consistent however, because it’s something that I just kinda try to do at the end of the night when I’m in bed. So this year, my resolution is to try to read my bible or do devos and pray before I am in bed. That way, I am not always so sleepy when I try.

Praying before bedtime

This is probably the hardest thing to do every year. But every year, it’s something that I need to push myself to be better at. I’m writing it down so that I can keep myself accountable with it!

6) Be Kind

Ok ladies and gents… I mean real talk. Sometimes I judge. Like in my head, I know I think thoughts that if ever said outloud, would probably cause an uproar. Sometimes I can’t help it because some people are just real jerks. But over the years I’ve learned that people go through a lot of crap daily. So maybe the jerky person isn’t really just a jerk but is someone who just had a really bad day.

I know that’s not an excuse and some people are just real jerks but I can definitely try to better control my judge-iness and side eyes. So my resolution this year is to try to be more understanding of people’s situations. I feel like just being kind and compassionate also makes a person feel good as well. So really this goes both ways – being kind to others makes them feel good, and it will make you feel good as well. It couldn’t hurt to try right?

What About You?

I guess I have more things in my head really but I think these 6 main things are what I will try to focus on.

What about you? Do you have birthday resolutions? Are there things you want to do every year that you just want to keep getting better and better at?

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day!!

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