Homestead Farm – Exploring Maryland

Since the weather has been mild the past week or so, we’ve been trying to find things to do outdoors. Last week, I wrote about Clark’s Elioak Farm in Ellicott City. Though I loved everything about the farm, we wanted to go somewhere closer to home. Enter Homestead Farm.

Homestead Farm

Homestead Farm is located in Montgomery County, Maryland, specifically in Poolesville. I don’t have stats on the acreage of this farm but it is rather large. Their pumpkin patch is one of the biggest I’ve seen.

On their site, you can see when fruits are in season so you can pick the time of when you want to go.

Cost? Admission is free! So just visit and see what they’ve got there =) The following is what we saw when we came in mid-October =)

Hay Ride

Like legit hay rides. During the weekends. You sit on a truck bed with hay and is pulled by a tractor! It’s great! Ok it’s $4 per person and free for under 2 year olds. What’s cool about this place is it’s a 20 minute ride all around the farm! The view is great and if company is awesome, then this ride is definitely fun! Ok Homestead Farm, I see you.

Petting Zoo

Not completely a petting zoo. You don’t really pet the animals but you do get rather close to them. My favorite is the little tiny spotted piggies. The kiddos definitely enjoyed this part and even the adults loved looking at the animals. A cool feature are the ramps/climbing places for the mountain goats! I like the fact that Homestead Farm thought about this feature. They also have chickens, more goats, and alpacas.. or llamas… I have no idea.

Apple Picking

Or fruit picking really. October is for apples. During the time we came, Pink Lady Apples were in season. There are tons! Just walk through the many aisles of apple trees and you can fill up a bucket in a short amount of time! Also they make for great pictures, okkkaayy?


All the farms have great markets! This one is pretty big with lots of produce and jelly! They also had caramel apples! YUM!


Final Thoughts



There aren’t as many things to do for kids as far as activities. But Homestead Farm is huge. You can still have your kids see many different things in the farm. It’s also nice because you get to spend time with your kids in some form of nature. I definitely loved seeing baby bro run around, looking at his surroundings. Good deal Homestead, good deal.


Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day!

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DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Toddlers

A good way to occupy your toddler

I know, I know, Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. But it’s almost Thanksgiving, so it’s almost time to think about Christmas right?

In our household, we were trying to figure out if we should put our 3 foot-tree up with a toddler running around, wreaking havoc around the house. Last year, we put it up but barricaded it with the gate. But this year, we know she’ll be more curious, being two and all. So I decided to google trees that would be good for toddlers and came across the felt Christmas trees! Since they stick to each other, you can create ornaments for the felt tree with felt and bam! Your toddler can put on and take off the ornaments for as long as they want. Maybe this will be a good distraction so if we put up a tree, she has her own to play with :).

I figure I can write this blog with simple instructions on how to make it in case you are wondering :).

So off to Michael’s Craft Store I went to buy my materials! Felt felt felt! And ribbons, if you want garlands on your tree, small sewing kit (I already owned one from before), scissors (with pattern cuts if you want), and glitter glue pens (optional).

So I started off with the tree part! Since it’s hard to write on felt material, I used scotch tape instead. It was easy enough to take it off without really damaging the felt. I only outlined half of the tree because I then folded it in half and cut it that way, so it would be fairly symmetrical.


That’s the hardest part really. I then cut a rectangle from the brown felt material and attached it to the bottoms of the tree. I just sewed on the corners because I didn’t know if tape would hold well.

Now for the fun part! Ornaments! You can do anything! Simple circles, trains, triangles that could be little Christmas trees, gingerbread men, snowflakes! You decide 🙂 (Make sure that your ornaments are on the bigger size to avoid any choking hazard please!)

Here are a few that I made:

For the star and the trains. You can draw it on a piece of paper first, then cut it and use it as an outline. It just helps for those like me who are not too great with drawings.

For the snowflakes (shown in later pictures), I made paper snowflakes first and used that as my stencil on the felt.

I also used metallic ribbons to create the garlands if you want. I sewed mine on the ends but took it all out later because she kept trying to take it off anyway. I also sewed the star on there just so it stays at the top.

Time to put it on the wall! I used heavy duty packing tape and taped the tree trunk, the star, and all the pointed parts of the tree. Then I let her go at it!

After she went to bed, I had an idea and decided to embellish the ornaments! Glitter glue pens are amazing!


Ok, so went a little cray-cray with the glitter but loved the ending!

Happy crafting!!! And happy holidays!!

And PS, my toddler loved the tree so much, she wanted to hug it. I know. Best. Present. Ever. 😉