Mac & Mia Review

Shopping for kids clothing can be a bit overwhelming for me. It’s hard to bring Ella and Isaac to the store and have them try on stuff because by the time we pick out their clothes, they don’t necessarily want to try them on. When we do make the trek to the store to find them outfits, I want to buy everything and they don’t want to try on anything! Does that happen to you guys? No? Just us? Enter Mac & Mia – children’s boutique clothing right at your door!

About Mac & Mia

Ok, so I figure I should tell you a little bit about what this service is before I go into my experience. Mac & Mia is basically a clothing service to find awesome outfits for your child without you having to go to the store. Once you get to the site, you will be asked a couple of questions about your child’s size, preferred style, etc. so that your stylist (that’s right people, you get your own stylist ;-)), will have something to go on when they pick out pieces for your order. This is like the kid’s version of Stitch Fix.

How much is it? Every time you request a box,  you pay a $20 styling fee. If you buy 2 or more items from the box, the $20 fee will be applied to your total order every time you order! AND get this, for your FIRST order, they give you a $20 credit… so if you buy 2 or more items, you’re essentially going to get $40 off! I’m just saying, that’s worth it if you think about it ;-).

Why I Like Mac & Mia (Pros)

The Deal: Y’all! I’m from the Philippines and Filipina Mamas LOVE great deals! When I heard about the $20 sign up credit and the $20 styling fee being waived (if you buy 2 or more items), I was like “I’m rich! I got $40! I quit everything!!” 😉 Just kidding on the quitting. Don’t lie, you know you got a little excited after reading that too ;-).

Your Own Stylist: Ok, so I may not have the best sense of fashion. We are lucky that we have friends and family who will steer us the right way when it comes to the kids clothing. So having their own stylist is a good thing for me ok!? It also sounds cool like, “oh Ella’s stylist thought this dress would look great on her.” Ha! What’s also nice about it is that you can try on different styles that you may not have thought of trying in the first place.


High Quality Materials: All the pieces that I received in my first box felt very well made. Ella is rough on her clothing. She may be a girly girl because she loves dresses, and bows and stuff, but girl is not afraid to get down and dirty (and we love that about her!). So this is nice because we know that it will hold up when she’s being cray ok?

No shopping: Yes, sometimes I like picking their outfits. But at other times, it’s so nice to just have someone else do it for you! When I opened the box, it was kind of nice to be surprised at what our stylist (see? that sounds nice doesn’t it? haha) picked for us. We didn’t have to go anywhere and Ella was only too happy to oblige in trying on the clothes because she didn’t have to wait too long or get distracted by other things in a store. Look at her work it in the following photos! Ha!

Free shipping: Yassss, free shipping! If you don’t like some of the items, they give you a shipping bag and you just drop it off the nearest UPS and you’re good to go!

It’s not a subscription: You can get 1 box and 1 box only. It’s not a subscription where you have to do it monthly or else you have to cancel. You order a box when you feel the need for inspiration in clothing, and then when you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to! That’s pretty cool.

Are There Cons?

The only con I can really think of is that the $20 styling fee cannot be waived if you don’t purchase 2 or more items. So if you don’t like anything in the box at all, that’s $20 down the drain. But that’s the service you pay for. And honestly, I feel like there’s such a good variety in the box that you won’t have trouble picking 2 that you like.

My Verdict

This is definitely worth a shot. I mean, like I said, with the sign up bonus credit of $20, and the $20 styling fee getting waived (if you pick more than 2 items), it’s a great deal! You can also earn more credit if you get you refer a friend! So really, the first box is such a great deal, who wouldn’t want to try it?

If you do decide to try Mac & Mia, click here to get that first $20 credit! Yes, with that link, I get credit too. But even if I didn’t, I’d still tell you to try at least the first box because of the great deal! You’re stylist will be Lisa and she’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself! She’s very responsive to questions and believe me, I asked many questions! Gimme a break! I’m new at this!

If you do give it a try, let me know how you liked your first box!

And as always, thanks for reading and have an awesome rest of the day!


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