Spring/Summer Eye Look

Perfect for a girls night out

Disclaimer: I am not a make-up guru. I love make up and I watch youtube videos and try to imitate the art of make-up. Most of the time, I don’t get it right. But once in a while, I end up liking the end result.

Disclaimer number 2: Apparently, I’m supposed to say this when I write stuff that mentions brands of anything. So this blog is not sponsored in any way shape or form.

Ok, now that those are out of the way, sometimes, mama needs a girls night out. And sometimes I like to play with make up to set up my mood for said #gno.

So I took some inspiration from a youtuber named JaaackJack for this fun eye look. It looks nothing like what she did (hence the first disclaimer), but I did end up liking the result so here it goes.

Here I am with my “face on” already so it makes it look like i have somewhat clear skin with rosy cheeks like the elves from The Santa Clause (anyone? anyone?) 😉


You’ll then need the following for the eyes: eye primer, pink, green, blue, green-blue, silver, tan, and a light matte eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, and eye brow liner/filler.

First, prime your eyelids. I use a concealer usually because it does the same thing. It makes the color last and stand out better. So, for this colorful look, you definitely want to use some kind of primer. Put that baby all over your lids up to just below your eye brows.

Then I usually start with the transition shade (tan-ish shade) at my crease. Here, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette in “Raw Sienna.” Using a fluffy blending brush, I started on the outer eye and went along a little bit above my eye crease, all the way to the inner corner but darker in the other corner.

Then I used “Love Letter,” the pink shade from the same palette to put in the outer corner of my eye. Here, I stayed on the crease line and outer 3rd to outer half of my eyelid. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look right after this step, the blending later will help a ton.

Next I used the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette for the colorful part of the eye. For these, I used a flat eye shadow brush. I started with the color “Mullet” for the inner part of my eye.

Then I used “Amp” to put right next to “Mullet.”

Next, comes “Dive” to put next to “Amp” and it should also connect to “love letter” – the pink that is in the outer corner of the eye.

To make the eyes pop even more, I took “Glamrock” on a smaller brush and used it for the inner corner of my eye.

OK! Still with me? Time to blend. I took a light matte (ish) shadow (“Tempera” from Modern Renaissance Palette) on a flat brush and put it right underneath my eyebrow. Then I took a light fluffy brush, took a little bit of the pink color (again, I used “love letter” from MRP), started on my outer corner, did a few circular strokes on the outer corner and then brought the color inward right above the blues and green to blend the top of the colors together. I only did about 2 strokes inward so that the colors don’t get too muddy and focused on blending the outer corner the most.

Now it’s time to make your eye pop even more. Take the same colors you used on the upper lid and line your bottom lid, then use the pink color to blend right below the blue greens for a more finished look.


To finish off the eye look, I used my favorite eyeliner (currently the Illustrative Eyeliner from Emcosmetics) and lined my upper lid. I did a very thin wing because I wanted to keep the focus on the fun colors. Then I went ahead and tried to fix my brows – I used L’Oreal Brow Stylist Shape & Fill. And lastly, mascara – I used Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum’ Express. So here’s the final eye look in different lights (indoor vs. in the car vs. outdoor).

Tip I watched from youtube: To make this eye look more fierce, start with your eye look before your face makeup. Use tape and line it from the outer corner of your eye to the outer tip of your eye brow to  make the outer “V” of your eyeshadow look sharper.

Anyway, this was LOOOONG! Hope it was somewhat helpful!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome rest of the day!

Orange Theory Update

Well, I figure it’s time for an update. I’ve been posting on instagram everytime I go to orange theory fitness. If you’d like to see my review for trying out orange theory the first time, go here. I’ve now been to 6 sessions and I always feel pretty good after each work out. I think I have seen some patterns to the workout. Read on and see if this is something you may be interested in.

In each class, there always seems to be a 30-minute cardio HIIT workout. Usually it’s on the treadmill. Once, it was a treadmill and rower in combination, but the rest it’s usually on just the treadmill. So far, they’ve all been slightly different from each other. During endurance day (which was my least favorite cuz woooo I was toired, also probably not considered a HIIT),  the trainer had us warm up 5 minutes, run at our “push speed” (1-2 mph above your base pace) for 12 minutes straight, then she had us walk  for 1 minute, 7 min push pace, 1 minute walk, then another 3 min push pace, last minute walk. Power days are different with combinations of push paces, “all out” paces (2+mph your base pace), and walking/jogging (recovery pace). I’m more of a fan of power days because I feel like I get my heart rate up more with this type of workout. I also tend to push my speed higher when I know it’s not gonna last too long.

After that, it’s the floor, usually combined with the rower in between blocks of floor workouts. The floor is usually where everything seems to be different. But in each workout, there will be some sort of arms, legs, and core workout. It’s a little harder to motivate myself to push harder on the floor exercises because I want to make sure I’m using the correct body mechanics (if you didn’t know, this girl used to be a full time Physical Therapist ;-)) with all the exercises so I don’t hurt myself. That can slow me down sometimes.

All in all, I’m still liking this type of workout. I like that I don’t have the option to cancel 8 hours or less before the class starts. So even if I don’t feel like it when it’s time to go, I go because classes are esssssssppppeeennssiivvve y’all.  Now… if I can only stop eating these easter candies (they were on sale and I loooooveeeee these…haaallppp )!

Why am I so weak?!!?!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day!!

Finding My Niche

Since I decided to start writing blogs again, I’ve been having major writer’s block. My friends can attest that I can pretty much talk their ears off, so having nothing to write feels a little defeating to me. Then I realized it was because I was trying to figure out what others would be interested in reading instead of what I was interested in writing.

As I said in one of my previous posts, I hope that this blog will entertain, as well as be informative about a variety of topics that I’m interested in – parenthood, make up,  fitness, food, and any other things I can think of. I’ve been looking for a niche, but really, I feel like my niche is just talking about life. My life as a parent, my love of make up, my struggle to be fit while being a working mom and loving food – the struggle is real people! I also would like to talk about products that make my life simpler and more efficient for me as a mom – hence my website name!

Lastly, life as a mom of 2 energetic toddlers is chaotic, and messy and it takes all my effort to physically organize my house. If I can organize my brain and think about focusing on a niche later on, woot! If not, then it will just be a better representation of what my life is like now ;-). So thanks again for staying tuned! And welcome to my life!



I Spy an Eye Stye…

Anyone else get this problem? I mean it doesn’t happen often, but it’s so annoying when they do pop up on your eyelids. And I mean, they are not painless. Probably not a 10 out of 10 type of pain, but still annoying. So I started to look up remedies online. I tried two methods on different nights and would like to share my results!

Green Tea Bag Method

Make green tea as you usually would – heat up a cup of water, put the tea bag in the water. Then wash your hands and your face and make sure all your make up is off. Depending on how long this takes, the tea bag may not be scorching hot anymore, so take the tea bag out with clean hands and lightly squeeze excess water from the bag. Lightly press on affected eye.

I read that you can lie down and wait 5-10 minutes. But I found my the tea bag to lose its warmth within less than a minute. So I kinda just stood by the sink, and once the tea bag lost its heat, I re-dipped into the warm tea, squeezed and repeated the process for about 5 minutes. 10 minutes for me is an eternity! Here’s my before and after photos.

Left photo: Before; bottom lid swelling
Right Photo: After; bottom lid swelling lessened significantly

Warm Compress

The next day, my stye was still there (although smaller) and sadly, another one popped up on my top lid. Booooo! So warm compress it is.

I washed my hands and face first. Then took a clean towel and ran hot water from my sink. Fair warning, our water runs really hot, so once I soaked the edge of the towel under the hot water and gently squeezed the excess water out, I waited several seconds before gently holding it to my eyes.

It seemed to hold the warmth better than the tea bag (I mean duh, it’s bigger than the tea bag, so should be expected I guess).


Once it lost its warmth, I repeated the cycle for about 5 minutes. Here’s my before and after photos.

Left photo: before; slight swelling in bottom lid and separation of lashes top lid due to swelling
Right photo: after; bottom lid swelling almost gone, no separation of lashes in top lid

My Own Conclusion =)

Ok, so I’m not sure if you can really see it in the pictures, but both methods did decrease the stye size after 5 minutes. However, I think that the hot compress worked much better for me. The stye on my top lid was completely gone after the 5 minutes and the one on the lower lid was also smaller and less painful. Next time this happens to me, I’m definitely going for that warm compress.


Because this is such an annoying thing to happen, words of advice. Clean your make up brushes thoroughly. I don’t know if that was the reason I got my styes, but I know that these brushes are what comes in close contact with my eyes, so I feel like they could’ve been the culprits when it came to my eyes.

Anyway, hope this was sort of helpful!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day!

Date Night

I heard once before that your spouse should come before the kids. But after having 2 kids, I realize how difficult it is to put your partner first. Little ones are just so needy and it’s easy to think that your significant other doesn’t need your immediate attention.

But sometimes I ask myself, that if we constantly put the kids first and then they grow up and leave for college, will we still know each other after the kids have left?  So we’ve tried to make it a point to make some time for each other, whether it be staying home and watching a movie after the kids go to bed, OR actually get dressed nicely, put on some makeup and go out somewhere when one of our parents are available to babysit.

We got that opportunity last night! For my restaurant review, go here.

It also helps to just go out and not be stuck in the house as a reminder that you are more that just parents. Break out that smokey eye, those hoops earrings, and that leather jacket that you spent an arm and a leg on cuz parents, you deserve it! Also… date night is just not complete without going to Target after 😉