Winter Lights Festival – Exploring Maryland Series

Hi guys! Time for exploring Maryland Series again! Ok, so this may be a little late but better late than never. Are you guys looking for stuff to do with the kiddos that’s festive? Do you live in the Gaithersburg/Rockville/Germantown area? Even if you don’t, and you’re nearby those cities, you should go and check out the Winter Lights Festival in Gaithersburg!


  1. I miss upper Mont. Co! My grandpa and grandma lived in Germantown. I will pass this along to my mom and see if we can go to this (My family lives in Charles Co. now).

  2. I am afraid for that long wait!! But we will have to try it with popcorn or something! Thanks for all the info though. Love having the inside on all these places. Will be referring back to this!

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