One Toy to Rule Them All

Like, legit. I mean I guess all kids are different. But in our household, this toy has been played with more than any other toys in the house. The Magnetic Tiles. It’s like magic. It can keep a 4 year old busy for more then 30 minutes! Come on… if I can eat breakfast in peace AND wash my dish without any interruptions? That is magic!

It’s these different shaped tiles with magnets on the sides. You can build castles, or houses, or as my 4 year old daughter calls some of her creations, “milk factories.” I think it’s because she went to a farm and recently learned about cows and milk and how it gets distributed to everyone. Yay for school field trips!! But I digress.

These are really great! They even have directions and pictures of some structures that you can make if you don’t know where to start. The tiles are in different colors and and shaped evenly so that the pieces attach to each other optimally. The main difference about these and legos (or maybe other building blocks) is that it makes her problem solve a little more to try to figure out a way for her structure to stand/not collapse. Since the pieces are only being held by magnets, the side of a building can simply topple over without adding supporting structures inside the building. Another benefit is that you can teach your children different shapes and may even be able to show them resulting shapes when you combine more than two pieces. For example, 6 equilateral triangles makes a structure that my daughter calls a “pizza!” Or how 4 triangles and a square base can make a pyramid.

These are definitely worth looking into. There are many different kinds on amazon. If your toddler seems to like to build things, this is a great option for them. Not gonna lie, after the kids go to bed, I sometimes play with these tiles to see if I can make anything cool.


Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Author: Simplefficientmama

Lifestyle blogger, mom of two, lover of makeup and food and stuff that makes life easier or better

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