Baking With a Toddler

My daughter (who is 4 years old) always watches baking shows on youtube when we allow her some screen time. Every time she watches it, she would ask me if we could make whatever she was watching. Disclaimer! I love to bake but I am not a baker. I don’t think I’m creative enough to even try some of the stuff she watches. But alas, I could no longer deny my daughter’s pleas to bake bake bake. And since we had a snowy spring day yesterday, we had time to finally bake!

I picked a pretty easy recipe that did not require shaping anything into any kind of shapes because no one has time for that! Knowing my daughter’s lack of patience, as well as my fear or making the whole kitchen a mess, I decided to pre-measure the ingredients to give her the feel of a cooking show where people just throw ingredients into a bowl and mix mix mix! Yes, it’s more dishes to wash, but it just helped make things go smoothly. The kid loved every minute of it and was so so so proud she mostly did everything by herself. I think I can say that this indoor activity went pretty well if I do say so myself ;).

Thanks for reading and have an awesome rest of the day!

Author: Simplefficientmama

Lifestyle blogger, mom of two, lover of makeup and food and stuff that makes life easier or better

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